gina draws stuff.

I space out and I like to draw things. This is my art blog.

I'm an animation/illustration student working on too many projects at once, usually.



Personal Projects:

Weather Eye

Been working on a series of self portraits for my Illustration class. We had to do all of them with traditional media rather than digital, which was a challenge at first (I was a little rusty even with my sketchbook), but it turned out to be a lot of fun! And now I remember how much I love watercolor (and ink wash). It’s good to work with media you’re unused to or unfamiliar with to shake things up and expand your skill set, so this is definitely a good start to school this year.

Working on my Beauty and the Beast story a bit and this rough sketch turned into a not-sketch. Not happy with the drawing bit of this but it was a fun exercise in lighting and practice with this brush, which I like a lot (though I’m slipping into bad old blur-esque habits)

Eli and Romana, who is the story’s equivalent of Gaston. (Eli is the equivalent of the Bimbettes and her man du jour).

Paying tribute to this brilliant man. Rest in peace, Robin :(

I know there’s still a chance for Studio Ghibli to make feature films in the future, but it still broke my heart. :( Here’s a little tribute to you, Hayao, and all your wonderful animators and storytellers.

I’m working on things. Lots of things.

The most magical thing about my graphic novel is that the characters all came out looking exactly like they do in my head

(this one is Ram, btw!)

Sansa was my favorite thing about last night’s episode of Game of Thrones for like a million different reasons and I’m probably gonna essay all my thoughts about it, but for now I just had to draw her and that dress, the end.

Sansa is awesome.

Insert Garnier Fructis theme music here

Possible redesign for an old-ish collaboration, not sure yet. Just messing around at the moment. That hair, though

Underappreciated Disney princess dresses for the win!

I took a break from drawing to, um, draw some more, and then it turned into this. This dress appeared in the movie for all of four seconds but it was definitely my favorite of Ariel’s dresses.

Been working on a pitch and took forever to get even these rough designs down ughhh

I know they look more finalized, but the characters were drawn in different styles at different times, so I need to merge the two styles into something between semi-realistic and animation-friendly. Also, the lead character (pink half-hawk girl) looks too much like a space ranger in this outfit; I like her stripes and color scheme (and the hair is definitely staying), but she needs a more organic, summer kid kinda look.

But even so, it’s nice to have something to go off of. I’ve always wanted to design a character with a hot pink half-hawk :)