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Hah sorry, just excited. I started drawing all my female lead characters back in August as a challenge. I wanted to 1.) practice avoiding sameface, 2.) redesign older characters in my current style, 3.) practice clothing design and hair styles, 4.) show personality through body language/props, and overall just have a good reference of all my ladies.

This was a fantastic challenge for me, and a lot of fun, as well! It went from four character busts to eighteen almost full-length figures. Character design is my favorite area of visual storytelling, and this also reminded me of how much I love developing characters and telling their stories.

They’re in (mostly) chronological order of when I came up with them:

  • Row 1 - these are super-old misc. rp characters: Tamra (2002), Aralynd (2003), Rynna (2003), Tera (2004)
  • Row 2 - these are the main ladies from a novel project I’ve had since high school: Keda (2005), Hana (2005), Knox (2005)
  • Row 3 - these are various characters from misc. projects I might pick up again I guess?: Sanoe (2006), Lissa (2007), Renee (2008)
  • Row 4 - Vic (Project: Weather Eye, 2010), Romana (Project: Dualite, 2007)
  • Row 5 - Phinney (Project: Dualite, 2007), Nora (Project: Dualite, 2007)
  • Row 6 - Ana (Project: Dualite, 2007), Hess (Project: Shot From The Hip, 2011)
  • Row 7 - the leads of my graphic novel project, Uproot: Noor and Pratibha (2012)

SO YEAH lots of information no one cares about, but good for my own reference and for people who are curious. So glad these are finished!

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